Thursday, June 28, 2012

Frozen Hot Chocolate

So, I jump on bandwagons sometimes... Don't judge me.

For example, I'm glad leggings made a classy come back. Now you can wear them with dresses and people don't judge you. I'm just a little sad ruffle socks didn't come back with them.

And maybe I did read all four of the Twilight books and get just a tad bit (OK, a lot) excited about the movies coming out.

And yes I WILL be standing in line this weekend to join the Magic Mike bandwagon.

So to stay true to my bandwagon-ing I had to make frozen hot chocolate.  Seriously, why wouldn't you?

See people, sometimes being a bandwagoneer is a good thing. 

P.S: This tastes JUST like a frosty!

All you need is:
3 packets of hot chocolate mix
1 cup milk
2 cups ice

whipped cream
chocolate shavings/chips

  • Place first 3 ingredients in your blender and combine. 
  • You want it icy, thick and delicious. (Sometimes I describe myself this way to people to see the look on their faces... ha ha I kid.)
  • Top with whipped cream and chocolate and enjoy. Use a spoon, a straw or just chug it. The last one usually causes a brain freeze though so I wouldn't suggest it.

While I drink mine I'm coming up with a way to get "bandwagon-ing" and "bandwagoneer" in the dictionary. Wish me luck!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Homemade Buster Bars

I've been lucky enough to grow up near a Dairy Queen most of my life.

The local lunch hang out during my entire High School career was Dairy Queen.

I would always order the same thing... A chicken strip basket and a Blizzard or... a Buster Bar. (Totally calorie free if you were wondering).

I thought of an ingenious way to make them at home (sans chocolate coating because that just sounded like a mess. So if that's up your ally.... more power to ya).

And next time I would probably use Dixie cups and not Styrofoam because peeling them off was kind of a pain.

Honestly though, the sweet and melty vanilla ice cream, mixed with the gooey hot fudge and salty peanuts make it all kind of worth it.

Plus the flavor combinations are endless... How about throwing some Peanut Butter in the middle of these guys!? YUM!

Buster Bars:
(makes 6 using 8-oz cups)
1 quart of your favorite vanilla ice cream
1 jar hot fudge topping
salted peanuts

8 oz Styrofoam or Dixie Cups
Plastic spoons

  1. So! Set your ice cream on the counter so it can become melty (Is this even a word? Most likely not but I've used it twice so I'm sticking to it). 
  2. Place some peanuts into the bottom of your cup (really the top of the ice cream) and dollop a tablespoon of hot fudge onto them. 
  3. Cover with vanilla ice cream, going half way up your cups. Place more peanuts, then hot fudge and cover with more ice cream until the cups are filled. Now gently, with the back of a spoon, press down to compact everything. Stick a plastic spoon square in the middle and freeze.
  4. Continue with the rest of your cups. 
  5. Once hardened peel back your cups and you are left with the perfect "pop". Enjoy right away or dip into chocolate coating for TRUE Buster Bars.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Maple Bacon Biscuit Donuts

Can I just start off by saying what a crazy week this has been.

You know how last blog I mentioned my son pulling down my camera and breaking it? Well.... Last week he decided the fish bowl would be the perfect place for my iPhone. Needless to say, I'm not only camera-less, but phone-less to boot. Toddlers are great... Right? (It really seems like I pay no attention to my kids huh? But crazy stuff like this happens in 2 seconds flat... really, I swear.)

I also went on a whirlwind trip to San Diego to find my best friend an apartment. That was a success.

And on top of it work has been slammed!

"Waitress? I'll take an order of mundane life with a side of a million dollars please."

So, that's why I've been out of the blogging game for awhile.

I'm back at it with this simple yet DELICIOUS recipe.

I know you are all probably familiar with these biscuit donuts but I am new to it.

It's easy as heck and can be jazzed up with anything you like... Cinnamon and Sugar, Chocolate glaze you name it.

But honestly, whats better than bacon?

You'll Need:
1 can of biscuits
A fancy cutter or I used a bottle cap
Vegetable Oil
2 pieces cooked bacon

And for the Maple Glaze:
1/2 cup powdered sugar
2 teaspoons of milk
1-2 tablespoons maple syrup

Heat your oil over medium high heat. Test one of your "donut" holes to make sure the oil is properly heated.

Cook donuts, for about 3-4 minutes on each side, and until golden brown in color. Place on paper towels to cool.

Meanwhile make your glaze as thick as you like. You might need to add more milk or more powdered sugar depending.

Dip donuts in glaze and place in fridge for 5 minutes. Bring donuts out, dip in the glaze again and sprinkle with cooked bacon.


The salty and sweet make these delicious and the glaze is fab!

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Milky Way Cookies

What a great time for my toddlers to pull down my camera and throw it onto the floor.

OK maybe it wasn't that dramatic but nevertheless... My camera is kaput :(

I really hope if I shut it off and turn it on 50 times it will magically work again.... It hasn't seemed to work yet.

Anyways, I have been witness to this Rolo cookie craze. I've actually made the Rolo ones. They were delicious. But Rolo's aren't my favorite candy... Milky Ways are. Especially the midnight ones... YUM! I couldn't find the mini Milky Way dark for this but the milk chocolates were MIGHTY FINE.

Plus it's just an excuse for me to make another batch! (Can you not see how delicious that ooey gooey caramel and nougat look!?)

Or you can go to town and use Reese's minis, or white chocolate kisses.... The world is in your hands people!! When do we ever get that opportunity!?

For the Dough:
(makes about 16 cookies)

1 box devils food cake mix
1/3 cup oil
2 eggs
16 milky way mini's

  1. Preheat your oven to 350 degrees.
  2. Combine the cake mix with the oil and eggs. Really put your arms to work to moisten the dough.
  3. Grab about a golf ball sized chunk of dough (we like big cookies) and form a well. Place your milky way inside and seal over it. You will now have a ball.
  4. Place on a cookie sheet lined with parchment and bake for 10 minutes or until slightly flattened and baked thoroughly.
  5. Let cool, dust with powdered sugar.

These cookies are best warm or at room temperature but heck... Anytime is a great time.

Enjoy with a tall glass of milk or make ice cream sandwiches outta them.... YUM!