Monday, October 1, 2012

Monster Munch and a Halloween Party!

I can't help but say the title in Dracula's voice.

Happy Halloween everyone! OK, so I know it's only the first, but my VERY best friend and I are hosting a Halloween Party! We pulled a couple of old blogs and compiled them together to make one awesome link party!

Lets start off with this fun Halloween Crack, er, Monster Munch. It makes the perfect scary movie snack or a little something extra on your haunted holiday table. Or just make it every night from now until the 31st, I'm cool with that (just share with the witches because it makes a lot, and we all know how they can be.)

It's the sweet and salty snack everyone will crave, plus who doesn't love edible bugs!? Michael's has some awesome sprinkles this time of year (Check. It. Out.)

Anyways, let's get this party started! Please follow the links at the end of this post for some more hauntingly awesome treats and crafts! And don't be afraid to let your little witches and ghouls in the kitchen with you for this one...

Monster Munch:
2 bags microwaveable butter flavored popcorn, popped
1 1/2 cups peanuts
1 1/2 cups candy corn
1 cup Reese's Pieces
1 bag of white Candy Melts
Halloween Sprinkles

Grab the biggest bowl you have and pour in the popped popcorn. Top with the peanuts, candy corn and Reese's Pieces.
Melt the candy melts according to package directions. Pour over the popcorn mixture and stir gently until everything is coated.
Pour on to a large foil lined cookie sheet and sprinkle with bugs, eyes, bones, or the like.

Place in the fridge until set. Break into large pieces and enjoy! It is the perfect salty and sweet snack to scare up some fun this Halloween season!

Looking for some more spooooky Halloween ideas? Don't be afraid, here they are...

Scare the Trick-or-Treaters at the door with a Gaudy Halloween Wreath

Conjure up some fear this season with a  Halloween Boo Sign

Whoooo wants some creative Owl Cupcakes?

I just love this hauntingly cute Halloween Wreath! With interchangeable flowers to use any season.

Looking for an easy treat to cure that pumpkin craving? How about some delicious Pumpkin Frozen Yogurt

A mummified treat will do the trick at this years Halloween party, try these Mummy Cupcakes

  • Thank you for coming and partying with us! Feel free to leave a comment with a link of YOUR favorite Halloween trick or treat! Enjoy the season. 


  1. This looks so yummy and easy. In two weeks I am hosting a Halloween Goodies Recipe series, if you would like to include this post please send me an email. -Savannah

  2. I love this! I am going to make it for the halloween party we go to in a couple weeks. THanks for sharing! I host Photo Friday Blog Hop- you are welcome to add this or any other picture from you blog/post. I'd love for you to link up! Hope you stop by tomorrow. Cheers!

  3. Thank you both for the invitations to link up!! I would love to! Thanks for stopping by :)

  4. Veronica,
    Love this! I make "crack" for the kids all the time, hehe and I'm waiting for the cops to show up!
    I'll have to try your monster munch this year and maybe add some wonderful creepy crawlies to it. Thanks so much for linking up to Creative Thursday. Can’t wait to see what you share next week! Have a wonderful weekend.

  5. Chocolate covered popcorn is an obsession of this fun Halloween version. And who doesn't like edible bugs:-)