Friday, August 12, 2011

New York Deli by Way of Gardnerville, NV

I have always wanted to attempt homemade bagels. You know that sensation of biting into a warm, crispy, doughy bagel that just brings you home? so why not that.... just bring it HOME! Although a little time consuming it was worth every second to take a bite of these amazing bagels.

Essentially....once the dough is boiled you can top with any seasonings you like. Or even add raisins, chocolate chips or cheese to the dough. But, I'm getting ahead of myself....

It all starts out with a great dough. I did some research and came across this great bagel dough for the bread machine! Except I made some revisions, like letting them rise in the machine for an extra 30 minutes once the cycle had finished and then after *shaping the bagels let rise again for another 45 minutes!
I also added 2 tbsp of honey to my boiling water instead of the sugar and topped my first batch with a homemade "everything" bagel mix (quite simple yet a little too salted) and some with sesame seeds (my fave!)

*I don't have any fancy cutter and simply use a glass to shape my bagels. The hole was made by sticking my thumb in where I thought the center was, and twirling to expand!!

Now for some pics... Enjoy!

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